A new revolutionary product in our pursuit of a comfortable living.

3 merits

Achieves the best result when used together with vinyl flooring. The General Building Research Corporation of Japan (GBRC) has certified it with the highest rank available for light weight material soundproofing.

Comfortability * Safety

Absorbs very little moisture and therefore keeps its high quality for a longer time.
Absorbs the impact which reduces the damage of falling on it and makes it comfortable to walk on.


Can be cut with just a utility knife and ruler.Very light product which makes it easy to install and to change a damaged piece when renovating.

Recommended places of use
A floorig product made from custom made foam and S*I*R
Product information

9mm(Thick) × 890mm(Wide)× 890mm(Long)
1 sheet/ ~2kg
6 sheets/case (4.75m2/case)

Changes in how to rank impact sound reducing products

April, 2008 the way to calculate impact sound reduction level was changed from an LL-scale to an ΔL-scale.
The reason for this is that the old LL test didn't just measure the level of the soundproofing material but also depended a lot on how the structure the test was conducted in was formed.

The appropriate test for this product is JIS A 1440-1 for ΔLL products where the second L stands for Light.

Impact level performance
Impact safety from falls

Long time concentrated load test
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