Natural Art wall paint

Made from all natural ingredients, a safe and  reassuring interior stucco wallpaint.

Natural interior wall paint

Natural Art is all made from natural substances and does not include any damaging preservatives as well as formaldehyde which can cause the sick building syndrome. In addition to this, it is crack resistant as well as non-flammable.

4 merits

Moisture alteration
The main component of Natural Art is calcium carbonate. This makes Natural Art porous and creates countless small holes which absorbs the moisture with an effect of 18 times that of vinyl cloths.
Deodorizing effect
The porous surface helps absorbing the smell from cigarettes, pets etc. and brings a fresh and natural feeling to the room.
Crack resistant
Previously, many stucco wallpaints made from natural material have had problems with cracks. Thanks to the mineral fiber, wood fiber and EVA resin in Natural Art this is no longer a problem.
Can be painted directly onto plasterboards, vinyl cloths or the previous wall paint. Easy to paint on and can save a high cost in the long run. Highly recommended for small scale renovations.
Product specification
Product name
Stucco wall paint, Natural Art
Ingredients Calcium carbonate, natural minerals, wood-based fiber, emulsion stabilizer
20kg/can (15-20m2)
Painted thickness 1-2mm (normally)
Moisture altering effectDeodorizing effect
Comparison of moisture absorptionAmmonia adsorption test

Stir thorougly before application. Water can be added to make the
   paint easier to use.
Preservatives are not being used. *Do not store an openned can.
Temperature must be over 5℃ when painting.
Keep away from the eyes. In case paint has gotten into the eyes, clean
   with clean water and consult a physician.
Treat remaining material as industrial waste.

Sample installation
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