Joist vibration restraining tape

Easy installation quick results.

Cheap and easy installation

It can be installed with nothing more than a simple staple gun. For little work and a small cost you can achieve a great sound dampening result.


Reduced vibrations

By attaching it to the joist you are able to prevent the vibrations from reaching the walls and the lower floor, as well as prevent squeaking.


Light material

We use a relatively low density material which makes it easy to work with, it also reduces the total weight pressure on the building.


No squeaking

Effectively prevents squeaking noices that can be heard from the floor.


Product information
Article number TAN-50 TAN-25
Price 8800JPY/case 9200 JPY/case
Roll size Length: 2 m, Width: 50 mm,
Thickness: 3 mm.
Length: 2 m, Width: 25 mm,
Thickness: 3 mm
Packaging  10 rolls/case 20 rolls/case
Base material Butyl sheet, one side consists of non-woven fabric.
Impacted sound reduction
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