Sound insulation sheet

For home and office use  Creates a calm and pleasant space

Highly effective in residential buildings

Can stop several frequencies of sounds at the same time meaning that there is no risk of the so called Coincidence effect occurring.
It also doesn`t create any electromagnetic interference which disturbs mobile signals, wi-fi etc.

Premium level of sound reduction

It has a sound transmission loss index of 23dB at 1000Hz (TS-20)  showing it has a great sound insulating effect.

Simple installation

Thanks to its soft material it is easy to cut with a utility knife and can be fastened with nothing more than a staple gun.

Easy renovations

It can be used in any type of building meaning you don`t need to do any larger renovation jobs in order to install it.

Raise the effect

By combining it with other soundproofing materials you can obtain an even better effect.


Product structure
Model Size Weight Packaging
TS-12 Thickness 1.2mm x Width 940mm x
Length 10m/ roll.

Around 20kg
(Density 2.1kg/m2)

One roll wrapped in
Kraft paper.
TS-20 Thickness 2mm x Width 940mm x
Length 5m/ roll

Around 17kg
(Density 3.6kg/m2)

One roll wrapped in
Kraft paper.
Product structure
Sound transmission loss level
Example of construction

Can be fastened to the pillars and wall-studs within the wall by using a staple gun, remember that by using it on both sides of the wall you can reach an even better effect.

The effect obtained also depends on the structure of the building and other materials used in it.
The product is heavy and should be handled with care.
Store horizontally on a flat surface, if stored vertically the product can fall and
   damage someone or break.

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