ATTRAQUA loose lay tiles

Easy installation without the need of any excessive tools

Just cut and shape the tile with a utility knife and fasten with adhesives.
This allows for both a faster and easier installation than other products.Also, compared to other types of flooring it allows for much easier renovation works to be performed.

Apply adhesive, cut the tiles, install

Easy to cut with a utility knife
Strong surface

Wax the floor 2-3 times after installation. Do routine maintenance and wax the floor on a regular

Recommended places of use.


Easy installation

Just cut it with a utility knife and install it onto the subfloor using adhesives.

 Superior design

Looks just like real wood and stone flooring.


Fast and easy to change the feeling and atmosphere of a room.

Low total cost

You just need to replace the damaged tiles at reparations saving both time and money.


Has cleared tests regarding the emission rate of formaldehyde with top marks.

Environmentally friendly

Made from recycled materials and friendly to the environment.


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