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We take pride in our wide range of soundproofing products that are both easy to use and have a high quality rating.We have developed sheets, mats and boards that meets our customers needs and wants.At a low cost we can offer you extraordinary products both in performance as well as in efficiency.

その他 天然素材にこだわった安心・安全な内装用漆喰の塗り壁材です。ナチュラルアート

FAQ about soundproofing


How do I know which material to use?


Lets talk about density!

The most effective way to reduce the noise of footsteps and fallen objects is to put a soft type of soundproofing on the subfloor and have it act as a cushion.
When it comes to sound being transmitted through the air the most effective way is by choosing a type of sound insulation with a high density, the sound insulation of choice obviously depends on budget and needs.
Also remember that sound can leak in through openings in doors and windows.


Are there really different kinds of sounds in my house?


Yes, there are two kinds of sounds, air-borne and structure-borne sound!

The sounds that can be heard from the TV or cars outside is spread through the air. However, you can also hear sounds from footsteps or trains passing by, those sounds are spread through vibrations in the materials. This makes so that it requires you to have two different types of soundproofing and the way these works are different.

Flooring tiles

ATTRAQUA loose-lay tiles

Easy to replace tile by tile

ATTRAQUA is the flooring for those who wants a beautiful floor with an easy and problem free installation. Just spread the adhesives on the floor and place the tiles.

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